Autumn Days

As usual at Little Chestnuts the children have enjoyed fun filled days, along with cooking, painting, reading, building, role play and playing they also found a bear on our bear hunt, enjoyed lot’s of outdoor play and reading in our outdoor den!

Ready for opening!

We’re thrilled to confirm we’re ready to go for our grand opening this week, before welcoming our first pupils later this month!

As anyone that’s been involved in a building project will appreciate, the journey has been frantic. Plus, with OFSTED’s visit to the school coming a few weeks ago, the team had some added and unexpected pressures to deal with!

But, gradually things have come together. As the exterior cladding was finished at the start of November, so the exterior signage was fixed into position. Giving our pre-school building its final touch of personalisation. We’re so pleased with how it’s come together.

We can’t thank our staff enough for their hard work and energy in getting us to where we are now. And we can’t wait to welcome everyone to Little Chestnuts Pre-school in the coming weeks!

Craned into position!

This week marked a key milestone…the Little Chestnuts building was craned into position! A delay due to high winds deferred our excitement by a day, but when it happened it all happened very quickly! To see it in its final resting place has got the team chomping at the bit.

The build team are now on site, working on the interiors. The building is currently wrapped up waiting for the cladding to be delivered and applied.

We can’t wait to see it all come together during the next few weeks.